Portfolio of Doug Reynolds

The World Only Spins Forward  by Doug Reynolds.

The World Only Spins Forward by Doug Reynolds.


Portland Trail Blazers Pride coloring wall, Pride NW 2019

In June of 2019, Doug worked with the Portland Trail Blazers to bring a 6x6’ coloring wall to Pride NW’s Waterfront Festival. The piece, titled The World Only Spins Forward, was a massive, highly detailed vector illustration featuring nearly 2,700 layers that went from concept to completion in 21 days.

Ref: Todd Adams, Portland Trail Blazers.

A Normal Turtle Books

Doug is the author and illustrator of two published children’s books, with another in development. He has partnered with The Trevor Project, 5th Avenue Theatre, and Central Oregon Pride. For his upcoming release in 2020, Doug has partnered with the highly-praised YouTube channel, Queer Kid Stuff.

Multiple references available upon request.

Corporate Design & Marketing

In addition to his book partnerships, Doug provides copy, design work, and marketing consultation. Locally, he works closely with Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House to create innovative and whimsical designs for their Pub Marketing team.

Ref: Sasha Freivalds, Deschutes Brewery.