We've Hit Our Goal!

Wow! In just 24hrs our Kickstarter campaign pledges have more than DOUBLED!! Over a thousand dollars raised in a single day! Which means we've officially EXCEEDED our goal!!! Friends, family, and total strangers have all come together to categorically REJECT HATE, and put their money where their mouth is to take a stand for equality, acceptance, and LOVE ❤️ How very, very heartwarming!

Wait... So now what? The campaign still has 4 weeks left in its fundraising period, are we going to just kick back and put our feet up now? Heck no! The more money we raise, the more books we can produce! The more books we can produce, the more safe spaces we can create for children all over the globe! Gay, straight, bi, cis, trans... Kids from all across the rainbow spectrum will know, despite what they may hear at school or on TV, that they have a safe space with YOU! That you accept and love them just as they are! There's no greater gift that you can give than unconditional love... DR