a normal turtle

Book Two in Pre-Production!

The second book within the Tolerant Toddler series has been green lit and subsequently begun pre-production! It's very exciting to start a new project while watching the popularity of the first book beginning to rise... Thanks all, for your love and support!

Our next book will take place in the Pacific NW...

Any guesses on what adorable, cuddly little animal it will feature?

10 Days In...

...and we're a third of the way there! Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement! But let's not let this plateau -- there's a lot of work left to do!

I appreciate you so much if you've donated or purchased a package at Kickstarter, but there's one more thing I'd like you to do for me if you would... SHARE! Share this page, anormalturtle.com, or our Kickstarter site on your social media. Every time someone does that, we see an uptick in visits and sales! If we actually stand a chance, we've got to make this project go viral! So share on your sites, but also write in to others to inform them about the book. Even if it sounds absurd, writing in to charity and news organizations can have a major impact! YouTube stars, bloggers, Instagram celebrities... anyone with an interest and an outreach. The more people we have contacting the Oregonian or the Trevor Project, etc, the higher chance someone will take notice of us...

Lots of love,

Doug & Harper