Pre-Sales at Kickstarter!

I've started a fundraising page to help get this book published! Mascot Books has extended an offer to publish, but as a well-respected "hybrid publisher," while they handle distribution and promotion, the author pays to print. It's not an ideal set-up, but with the catch-22 of no publisher willing to look at your work without agent representation, and no agent willing to take you seriously unless you've already published... This is not a bad option.

So what happens once fundraising goals are met? Mascot will assign an editor to "A Normal Turtle" to help smooth some rough edges and format the pages correctly for publishing. After that, the distribution network kicks in, getting A Normal Turtle on the shelves of Barnes & Noble,, and many other retailers!

If you can't contribute, if you don't want a signed copy, custom t-shirt, even a limited-edition print... Then you can help support this important, timely project by sharing our link on social media! It's easy, it's free, and it's the most effective way to help us out!

Lots of love!

Doug & Harper 🐶