A story of bravery, acceptance, and unconditional love.


Written and illustrated by Doug Reynolds.

A Normal Turtle is the story of a young fox kit who, as an infant, gets himself stuck in a turtle shell. As a result, his whole life he's raised as a turtle; even though he knows deep inside that he is not who he appears to be on the outside. Despite everyone in his life telling him who he is and how he should act, our little fox must find the courage to come out of his shell...



The story, both within the book and without.

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How to Help

A quick guide on how you can help save the entire world for an LGBTQ kid.

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The Kickstarter for Doug's second book, An Actual Family: A Fable for LGBTQ Homes is now live! Click the button below to check out the fundraising page and support this project for kids in LGBTQ families!